Feb 10th 2014


Small car vs big car photo

The bigger is no longer the better, according to the list of top selling cars in the UK 

A quick look at the roads today and it would be easy to guess some of the best selling cars in the UK, however the trends have changed and the phrase "the bigger the better" no longer applies with the top two spots going to an "Economy" vehicle and a "Compact" the little brothers of the Mondeo; the Ford Fiesta and the Ford Focus.


Similar patterns in third and forth with the Vauxhall's equivalent models the Corsa and then the Astra meaning that the time where the Intermediate, family type car takes a back seat. With the size of the Economy Cars becoming more fuel friendly and also more confortable to seat 4 people comfortably there is more and more drivers are saving money by opting to downsize and drive the smaller vehicles.

The top ten list is as follows:

1) Ford Fiesta
2) Ford Focus
3) Vauxhall Corsa
4) Vauxhall Astra
5) VW Golf
6) Nissan Qashqai
7) VW Polo
8) BMW 3 Series
9) Peugeot 208
10) BMW Series 1

This full list of best selling cars in the UK backs up the statements above and shows that seven out of the ten cars, are the "Economy" and "Compact" which does not surprise us at Enjoy Car Hire as they are the most rented vehicles in all countries worldwide. Gone are the days of the "Mondeo Man".

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