Car rental tips


When the price is too good to be true

Do you look at the cost of the car hire £1 per day and think that the price is too good to be true?


After all, It is getting harder and harder to tell the difference between a genuine quote and one that has some nasty surprises. We gave an example once of what often happens when you go to collect allegedly cheap car hire. It is still a good read.


The truth is the price you are seeing is possible, however, there are a few tricks to getting car hire for as little as £1 per day.


Three tips and a bonus

With these three tips you can walk away with the cheapest car hire you have ever seen and not have to pay a penny more.


When the price is so low, there usually is a reason and it is very hard to see how a rental company can make any money hiring a car to holidaymakers for so little.


The answer is

They don't make any money this way. The way they make their money on these kinds of rentals is by upselling and offering added insurances, upgrades and additional equipment.


Below you will find the three essential items needed to get the £3 per day car hire!


1.) A credit card

Credit card imageWith any car rental (regardless of what you have heard), the local rental supplier will ask you to leave a block of the excess amount on a CREDIT card.


If you are able to do this then there is no reason for you to take any additional insurance at the desk. It is good to remember that the excess deposit you have left is what you could be charged if you damage the car but we can offer a low-cost solution to that too.


2.) A camera

Camera imageWhen you are picking up any car you should check around the car fully but even more so if you are not taking the local rental company's insurances.


It is common place for you to mark the damages on the agreement but we highly recommend taking pictures of all the damage you find and keep them at hand for when you return the vehicle.


There is no such thing as too many pictures and you will highly regret not taking them if you are charged by the rental company for damages you were sure were there before.


3.) The ability to say "No"

Just say noIn some locations such as Malaga Airport, the reps behind the desk are there to sell additional insurances and it is good to remember that they won't make any money from your £3 per day rental.


Added to them trying to make more money for the company, they are also very often on commission.


They will often state a huge amount of money will be taken if you cause damage the slightest of damage to the car which is not strictly true and in the worst case scenario the most they can charge is the excess amount.


If you have followed the two tips above then you can be confident that you can say "No" and rebuff the hard sell.


While the above will provide you the ability to drive away with a very low-cost car rental it is good to be aware that you are liable for the excess amount on the rental agreement and you will be held responsible for any new damage to the car.


The final tip

Make sure you take your own Excess protection policy so that if you are charged by the rental providers for damage, you can claim it back via the company that sold it to you.


We offer this type of protection within the booking process and it will cover you if you are charged by the rental provider.