Know the speed limits in Australia


The speed limit in Australia ranges from 30 KPH to 130 KPH.


Key speed limits in the city high speed zones:


Melbourne, Victoria: The maximum limit on the freeways in the state of Victoria is 110 KPH (68 miles per hour).
Sydney, New South Wales: Speeding in the NSW freeways is limited to 110 Kilometres per hour (68 MPH).

Brisbane, Queensland: Like most other states, the maximum speed on the Queensland freeways is limited to 110 KPH.


The maximum speed limit in Australia on the freeways is 130 kilometres per hour (81 miles per hour) in the Northern Territories, however each state has its own specific limits which may be different.

The maximum limit on the highest speed zones in Queensland (Brisbane, Cairns, Gold Coast) is 110 KPH (68 MPH), as it is in New South Wales (Sydney), Victoria (Melbourne), Western Australia (Perth) and Tasmania.

Built up areas like most countries are much lower. In the majority of states the speed limit in a built-up area is 50 KPH (31 MPH). However in the Northern Territories the limit is 60 KPH (37 MPH).

The limit for school zones across Australia is reduced further to mostly 40 KPH (25 MPH).

Rural main roads are generally higher and ranging between 100 KPH to 110 KPH.

Exceptions to the above including Christmas Island, Cocos Islands and Norfolk Island where the limit is much lower in both rural and high speed zones.


Important: The above info is a guide and you should always check the road signs and follow the local instructions.


Driving in Australia


You will drive on the left hand lane across all Australian states.


Which are the key motorways in Australia?


Australia is vast and the major cities are long distances apart. The country itself well over 4000 KMs wide. The distance by road for example from Perth on the west to Brisbane on the east is 4314 KMs (2680 miles) and the distance from Darwin in the north to Melbourne in the South is 3753 KMs (2332 miles).


How do I get from Melbourne to Sydney by road?


You would take the M31 freeway which is also known as the Hume Freeway. How long does it take to drive from Sydney to Melbourne?

The answer is roughly 10 hours and it is 878 KMs (545 miles). The speed limit on this freeway is for the most part 110 KPH. It is known for having numerous speeding cameras.


How do I get from Sydney to Brisbane by road?


The fastest route between Brisbane and Sydney is via the Pacific Highway A1 / M1. It’s a good 10 hours of driving passing through or near Newcastle, Coffs Harbour and Gold Coast. You’ll find plenty of beautiful scenery, forest, jungle rain forest and national parks along the way.


What is the fastest route between Brisbane and Cairns?


Driving from Brisbane to Cairns is a seriously long distance at 1681 KMs (over 1000 miles) along the Bruce Highway (A1) freeway and will take at least 19 hours of driving time. You’ll drive north all the way along the costal road seeing some beautiful scenery for much of the journey however you’ll need to plan the journey in stages.


Is it possible to drive between Sydney and Perth?


It is possible to drive between Perth and Sydney via the National Highway (A1 Freeway). The drive is seriously long and sparse. There are also a number of tolls.

The distance from city to city is 3943 KMs (2450 miles) and will take over 40 hours of driving so its impossible to do in a day and the journey will need to be broken up with stop overs along the way.

You will pass close by Canberra, north of Melbourne, north of Adelaide and drive through multiple terrains from desert to national park and forestry.


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