This week Europcar announced that they were providing £1 car hire in the UK however when looking into to the offer further there was more than meets the eye.


What are the specifics of the deal?


The deal which offer £1 car hire was only for one-way rentals, the customers would be able to book a car but they would not be able to choose where the car would be dropped off, essentially they were using customers to transfer their fleets back to where they should be after a busy summer. In layman's terms a one way rental is where you collect the car at one place and drop it back off at another rather than return it back to where you collected it from.


How can I get the cheapest online car hire?


If you really want to look at £1 car hire where you can collect and drop off at the place of your choice then this is possible to book via Enjoy. The £1 car hire would be per day not per rental but it is available in numerous places. The most common place to find car hire for £1 is in Spain, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands where the prices are dropped considerably in the winter period to encourage renters to hire the car, this may however come with a large deposit but if you are happy to leave the excess blocked on your credit card you can drive the car away and enjoy £1 car hire easily.


Cheap car hire this winter


In some points in the winter it is even possible to rent a car for less than £1 per day and we have seen as little as £0.40p per day in Malaga and Alicante airport with rental companies such as Centauro, RecordGo and Goldcar. If you are looking for £1 car hire in the UK you may find deals with GreenMotion, EasiRent and InterRent who regularly offer some of the lowest prices on the rental market and have a constant price battle. This of course advantages the hirer as they look to provide the cheapest car rental and hope to make more money from the rental by providing extra services such as GPS, additional drivers or added insurances.


Read the terms and conditions carefully


We would recommend always reading through the rental terms and condition when seeing a low daily price such as a £1 car hire deal as it often can increase in price if the renter is unable to provide the relevant security block on their credit card or arrive without the documentation. Europcar's deal is a great example of how a £1 car hire deal can look great but reading further shows a number of terms which make it less appealing to the normal renter. In Europcar's example you could rent a car from you closest rental station only to find you have to return it back 300 miles from your desired destination.


Always look further than the headline price when booking a rental car and ensure you are aware of what is needed when you arrive otherwise your rental costs will be more than just booking a more realistically priced car rental.