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Dublin city center


Dublin city is the number one tourist destination in Ireland. With great historical features and breathtaking architecture, the small city offers a serene environment for a perfect holiday get-away.


Near the city is Dublin Airport, the largest Airport in Ireland. Situated at only 10 kilometers from the city center, the Airport offers excellent opportunities for car rental Dublin companies.


Therefore, as much as one can easily find their way around Dublin city on their feet, it is advisable for those planning for a visit to Ireland rent a car.


This will not only save you time but also add value to your adventure.


So are you looking forward to exploring Ireland's most historic city of Dublin? 


Here is a list of what you have to keep in mind;


How to Go About Car Hire at Dublin Airport


Car Hire Dublin Airport


Being the only airport servicing Dublin city with access to other parts of Ireland, the airport is a busy spot around the clock. As such, car hire companies give competitive airport offers to visitors, from the terminals at Dublin airport.


The two terminals of the airport are situated just a short distance from the landing exits. Once there, you get access to the various car rental service providers and go with the best offer.


Remember, to take your time as you compare prices and let your negotiation skills take charge. There is no limit to how cheap car hire providers in Dublin can go, but at the end of it all, the choice remains yours.


The key to an exciting tour around Ireland lies in getting the right car rental. With the freedom to get on the wheel at whatever time you please, you get to maximize your stay by touring many other areas in the surroundings of Dublin city center and beyond.


Options for Car Hire Dublin City


As much as most people prefer hiring cars right at the terminals at Dublin airport, you can as well decide to get yours at the center of Dublin city. Here, you will not only land excellent deals but also get access to some of the best car rental service providers in Dublin and Ireland at large.


Some of the renowned car hire Dublin city center providers include; Budget, Europcar, Avis, Enterprise, Sixt, Hertz, etc. You can decide to drive yourself around or get a driver along with the car, at a slightly higher price.


When to Look-out for Cheap Car Hire in Dublin


Like in most parts of the world, booking a car hire service before your visit to Ireland makes it less expensive as compared to picking one on arrival. This is because you get plenty of time to negotiate and compare offers across the readily available car rental companies.


Consequently, it is important to note that most car rental companies in Dublin, hike prices during the summer season. Hence, if you are planning to travel to Ireland during this time, booking in advance is the best choice for lower prices.


You can also keep checking on various car hire websites, for cheap deals. Some companies give great offers for their customers, especially during off-peak seasons for use on a later date.


Types of Cars Available at Car Hire Dublin, Ireland


Apart from the price range of car rentals and the knowledge of the various car hire providers, you need to be aware of the different driving specifications of vehicles. Most car hire firms in Dublin, use manual vehicles in their operations.


Therefore, in case you need the services of an automatic vehicle, you will have to inform your booking car rental company in advance, for suitable arrangements. This is more so if you are from North America, which is widely known for the love of automatic cars.


Get a Touch of Class With Car Rental Dublin


Most companies offer different packages for car rental services. They include a selection of economy and premium class vehicles.


Additionally, most car hire companies in Dublin city, offer long-term and short-term car rental deals at affordable rates. All you need to do is communicate on time with your preferred service providers, to avoid last minute disappointments.


There is also a one-way car hire option, which makes a perfect choice for those operating on a tight budget. Through this, you get to travel to destinations of your choice with much ease and guaranteed comfort.


Best Hours to Drive Around Dublin City Center


Driving in Dublin


Like most major cities in the world, Dublin city is known for slow traffic situations especially during rush hours. This happens typically in the mornings and evenings when people are in a rush to their daily activities.


Avoid driving at this time and instead wait for off-peak hours. Besides, with less congestion, you get a better view of the magnificent city sites, while saving on fuel costs.


Dublin City Parking Space


Dublin being a global city coupled with the number one tourist destination is a host to a large number of people. Thus, parking spaces are barely empty and if available, quite expensive.


It is advisable to inquire with your accommodating hotel for a free or cheaper parking space and get to enjoy your stay on budget.


The Favorable Driving Speed in Dublin City Center and Ireland at Large


Driving offenses are taken seriously in Ireland. With erected speed-trap systems on roads, offenders risk a hefty fine. With this, it doesn't matter if you are using car hire services or not.


If your car is issued with a speeding ticket long after you returned it to the car renting companies, the bill still comes back to the one who was on the wheel at that particular time. You have to master the necessary speed limits which range anywhere from 30km/h to 80 km/h within Dublin.


Adhering to the set rules shouldn't be difficult, as there are numerous road signs on various roads, directing you to the required speed limits.


Appropriate Time to Return a Car You Hired in Dublin City


It is advisable for those leaving Dublin by air, to return their rented cars a few hours to the actual departure time. A wide range of factors such as last-minute road traffic is linked to missing flights, which you should avoid at all cost.


Remember, you need ample time to relax before boarding the plane. The dropping off point for car hire is quite a distance from the departure section. Hence you need some time to find your way in on foot.


Driving Tips in Ireland


Ireland landscape


Generally, Ireland is a driver-friendly country. Therefore, with your car hire, you should be ready for a thrilling holiday adventure. But before you step on those wheels, here are some tips to keep you and your loved ones safe on the roads;

  • As mentioned earlier, most car hires operate on manual. Therefore take your time to familiarize yourself with the controls of your car. You can even take a ride in an isolated area just to be sure.
  • You have to keep on the left side of the road when driving in Ireland. With the steering on the right side of the car, you might feel awkward at the beginning. Stick a reminder note on the windshield to keep you focused.
  • Just as most Irish drivers are courteous on the road, be sure to be one. It is okay to pull over to let others pass if you are driving at a slower pace.
  • If you are from the United States, then you will have to get used to driving on narrow lanes, as most cars in Ireland are a bit small. Most roads have only two lanes.
  • Roads in most if not all parts of Ireland, tend to be windy and curvy. As such, you have to keenly observe your speed as you drive, if you are not conversant with driving under such conditions.
  • The strict speed limits and narrow roads in Ireland demand a lot of patience. Getting to your destination might take more hours than anticipated. Be calm.
  • Though most road signs in Ireland meet international standards, some are restricted to given regions. Get to familiarize with those to keep yourself out of trouble.
  • Be sure to fill your fuel tank before setting off to those remote areas. Remember to carry some cash with you; some filling stations do not accept credit cards.
  • Set some cash aside for parking fee at each stop you make and avoid hefty penalties from local authorities.
  • Be aware of the fuel pump colors. Do not just assume, read the labels.

What to See and Do in Dublin




The Little Museum of Dublin


Expect nothing close to "little" at this exciting museum. You will need a guided tour to gain entry and watch the unveiling growth of Dublin over the years.


Guinness Storehouse


With a combination of a museum, bar, and brewery, this place is a three-in-one historic storehouse of the Guinness history. Get the first-hand experience of the brewing process of the world's most famous drink as you get an aerial view of Dublin.


Kilmainham Gaol


Kilmainham Gaol


This famous former prison was founded in the late 1700s and is widely known for its extreme laws against rebels. Here you will get a view of Ireland’s tragic historical events that led to the present Free State.


Gaelic Games Experience in Dublin


If you love sports, be sure to book yourself a slot to this exciting 3–hour intense gaming experience. Mobilize your family and friends and get to learn the concepts of the Gaelic games.


Irish Night Show with a 4-Course Dinner


Laugh your evening off intriguing your taste buds with traditional Irish meals as you get entertained with award-winning Irish comedians, dancers, and live music bands.


48-Hour Dublin Hop-On Hop-Off Bus tour


Tired of driving yourself around? Take a break and enjoy a breathtaking tour through Dublin's most fascinating attractions on this 48-Hour Dublin Hop-On Hop-Off Bus. With flexible boarding times, you and your family get to enjoy fabulous site-seeing surprises.


Expect stops at Malahide Castle, Dublin Bay, Temple Bar Howth Village and many other exciting places.


Jeanie Johnston Tall Ship and Famine Museum Tour in Dublin


Get yourself informed about the 19th century great famine of Ireland, with this 50-minute tour, led by highly qualified tour guides. Listen to stories of agony experienced by travelers as they headed to the US in search of food.


Book of Kells at Trinity College Dublin


Library Trinity College Dublin


In need of some quiet time? The University of Trinity is the place to visit. Get first-hand access to the books of Kells at the classic Trinity College Library of 1592. Peruse through the manuscripts and unveil the meaning of symbols and great artistic work from an expert point of view.


County Wicklow


County Wicklow


Commonly referred to as the "Garden of Ireland," Wicklow has situated only a few kilometers from Dublin city. The county is home to various breathtaking scenes that will take your imagination to another level.


Get to enjoy the crafty landscape as you walk through the curvy mountains and run your fingers through the sandy beaches. You can even meditate at Glendalough and relax your mind with a breath of fresh air at Powerscourt gardens.


In fact, there is no limitation when it comes to Wicklow's excellent balance of nature. From mountains, lakes, rivers, waterfalls, national park to golf courses, you are set for a real treat.


St. Patrick's Festival 2018


St. Patrick's Day Festival


Set to take place on 17th March 2018 in Dublin City, St Patrick's Festival parade is a showcase of Irish culture, art, and talent. Enjoy the various fun activities as you take historic photos.


The James Connolly Festival 2018


Take part in paying tribute to one of Irish’s most proclaimed independence leader, James Connolly, by taking part in this May 2018 festival. Enjoy the display of art, culture, music and lots of entertainment, as you listen to captivating debates on current affairs.


The above list is not exhaustive. There are so many other exciting places to visit in Ireland. Use the following links for more information for more fun activities to engage in during your visit;







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