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Munich Marienplatz photo


The third largest city in Germany, Munich is located just north of the Bavarian Alps, on the River Isar. It is a truly wonderful car rental destination for there are many things to see in and outside the city. Some may know Munich as the city beer and football. You can’t mention it without thinking about their famous FC Bayern or without suggesting a trip to the world famous Oktoberfest, the annual meet involving large intakes of beer and sausage. However, there is much more to Munich than this stereotypical image.


Shopping and eating


The heart of Munich is Marienplatz, the central square where you can easily catch city vibes, go shopping, eat, visit one of the beer halls, relax or start your site seeing a tour in Munich. From here, you can explore many wonderful landmarks.


A historic city


New town hall photo

Marienplatz was named after Mariensäule, a column with the golden statue of Virgin Mary on top. One of the most prominent buildings of Marienplatz is arguably a New Town Hall with its dominant tower that houses a beautiful carillon over 100 years old. The Old Town Hall is just as attractive.

Another prominent feature is The Catholic Cathedral of Our Blessed Lady. A Gothic style church, with twin towers that offer a nice view over the area. And then there is the Residence, once the centre of the power for 500 years, now one of Europe's most significant interior decoration museums. Just a few blocks north-east from the Residence is the English Garden, Munich's largest park. Bigger than Central Park in New York.


neuschwanstein car rental destination photoThings mentioned can be more or less explored on foot, but there are also many scattered around. Like Nymphenburg Palace west of Munich, one of the largest royal palaces in Europe. Then off course there is Dachau. A reminder of a darker age in German and Munich history. It is around 10 miles north-west of the city.


A scenic destination with wonderful landscapes


Situated in the midst of the Bavarian Alpine foothills is the famous Lindenhof palace, intended as an answer to Versailles. One can hardly say Neuschwanstein is in Munich. Not ever near it, some 130 km away, but it is hard to leave Munich without seeing it. You can also go on a day trip from Munich to Salzburg, Austria. Around 140 km away, but you drive on a motorway.


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